In CUADROS DE INSTRUMENTOS we take your safety seriously. That is why we have enabled the SSL data encryption protocol throughout our site. This protocol allows the transmission of confidential data through the Internet in a secure manner; at the same time preventing hackers and identity thieves from 'stealing' sensitive information. (Bank details, phone number, etc).


Whatever the payment method you choose, on our site you will have the guarantee that your payment data will not be stored in any way (Preventing a subsequent attack on our website by third parties may disclose your information). We also have anti-fraud security measures that guarantee that no one can impersonate your identity to make a purchase on our site.

Combining the aforementioned with the use of the SSL protocol, we not only avoid fraudulent purchases on our site, but also that cyber-criminals can make 'illicit' use of their payment information.


Paypal: Allows its users to make payments and transfers through the Internet without sharing the financial information with the recipient.

Credit or debit card: Has an anti-fraud verification system in two steps. This system requires the buyer to enter an additional security code - previously sent to his mobile phone - in order to finalize the payment. Said security code is sent by SMS to the buyer, seconds after having entered the pin of the card. It is for single use (Each purchase is sent a new one) and when sent to the phone of the legitimate owner of the card avoids the use of it by another person.

Cash on delivery: Only for shipments to Spain and Portugal. If you prefer to pay at your address at the time you receive the order, you should know that: The option against reimbursement has an additional charge for management costs (apart from the common shipping costs) consisting of 3% of the amount of the purchase with a minimum limit of 3€. When the order is delivered to you, you must have the exact amount prepared to pay cash to the courier.

Bank transfer: The payment must be made in the bank account that appears in the email that you will receive in the order confirmation, the shipment of the merchandise with this form of payment will not be effective until the money is not available in our account (approximately 1 day after making your transfer)

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